Help & Support

If you are in need of help you can use the Live Chat feature at the bottom right hand side of your screen! At Atlantic Penguin our live chat is powered by LiveSupporti.

To use the live chat enter your first name/nickname and email so we can connect you to one of our agents! To chat LiveSupporti requires your email so they can send you a transcript once the chat is over.

Please note our chats are encrypted and agents and admins can not view emails or any other personal info apart from names, only LiveSupporti can, We (MP) have no association with them apart from the fact that we use their service.

If there are no agents online you can leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Other ways to contact us is through our Twitter or Discord, you can access them from the Social and Discord links above!



What does multiple connections mean?

Only one penguin account can be logged on one computer at a time. If you get a error message that says you have multiple connections it means Atlantic Penguin is running on two different browser windows or tabs. Try closing any extra open windows that are running Atlantic Penguin and you should be able to log on.


Why can't I connect to the server?

There's a few reasons you may not be able to connect to a server in Atlantic Penguin: You might need to clear your cache, To do this search in your internet browser, 'How do i clear my cache'. Check you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Your Flash Player is the part of your computer that lets you play Atlantic Penguin. You might need to install the newest version. The best way to do that is to go to the Flash Player Download Centre. This might be a problem on Atlantic Penguin's end, not yours. The server might be offline so that Atlantic Penguin can update or work on the website. Try going to the Discord, Twitter or Blog. You can find important news there about what's happening on the site. Your computer might have a firewall built into it. Programs such as Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OSX have a firewall that might prevent you from logging on to Atlantic Penguin. Talk to an adult about how to change the settings on your firewall.


Why did I lose my connection to Atlantic Penguin?

There are several reasons you may have lost connection from Atlantic Penguin. Here are a few things you can try. Be sure to ask Us if you require any more assistance! You might have problems because your wireless connection is poor. Try connecting your computer to the internet with a cable, Also known as 'Ethernet'. Check the Discord, Twitter and Blog for updates. We'll let you know if there are problems with the site. Try logging on later. Atlantic Penguin sometimes has to go offline so the team can update the site. If it does you will see an error message telling you so. Try logging in again and selecting a different server. The server you were logging into might be too full. Never share your password with anyone, except your parents. If someone else logs on with your penguin at the same time as you, you will lose your connection. If you've tried absolutely everything, and you're still having problems, please contact Atlantic Penguin's Support Team Via the steps above!


I am having issues connecting to the game or seeing new updates?

This is most likely due to your browser's cache. When we upload new updates onto the games servers, large amounts of data are transferred from our servers to your computer, and sometimes the cache will not update automatically and your computer may not update. When you log onto CPA, the game stores cache files into your browser so that data is saved and you can come back to it at any time, continuing from where you left off. Sometimes, when we release big updates, your cache may not be able to handle the size of the data being transferred from our server. This means that you need to clear your cache. In order to do this, please follow this link and follow the appropriate pages for your operating system and browser. If you can still not connect to the game after following these steps, or new updates are not showing, please contact the Support team using the options listed above.


The game won't load for me? How can i fix this?

If you are having issues loading the game, it is most likely due to the fact that your internet service provider has blocked the ports that the game run off of. A few months ago we changed our ports and added extra security to protect the game from bots and harmful attacks. The issue is that some ISP's do not accept the port we are using (although it is very secure so we will not change it). Some users do not have this issue as it is not all ISP's that block the ports, only a few (most common in the United States). If you are experiencing this issue, go to the chrome store (if on chrome) and download this free VPN (Called hoxx, it is unlimited and used by hundreds of thousands of people), set the location to one of your personal preference and reload the game, it should now load and be a lot faster. Please note that this method works will all VPN's, we are simply giving you a free option that has unlimited usage and is safe. Another way to get the game to load is change the WIFI that you are connected to, try a friend, a neighbours or even a phone hotspot; it should work after you have done this. Ifc you are still experiencing issues after trying all of the steps above, please get in contact with our Support team and we would be more than happy to help you get back online!


Is Membership Free?

Yes, On Atlantic Penguin Membership is Free! So head on, start buying clothes and decorating your igloos without limits! With so many things to do in Atlantic Penguin, the island is your oyster!